Burnt End Steaks

Burnt End Steaks

Introducing... Pork Belly Burnt End Steak! Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with this irresistible dish that is guaranteed to be a hit with everyone. The mix of sweet and savory flavors makes this super popular with young and old. Definitely a must try recipe in the category easy and affordable.

Let me show you what this recipe is all about.

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How to

  1. Place the pork belly with the fat side up on a cutting board. 
  2. Make finger deep incisions in diamonds shape.
  3. Make PitmasterX’s Classic BBQ Rub and season the pork belly on all sides.
  4. Setup your barbecue to smoke at a temperature of around 140°C or 275°F. For smoke wood you can use apple, cherry, oak or beech.
  5. Place the pork belly fat side up on a wire rack with a tray underneath to catch the fat drippings.
  6. Insert a thermometer and smoke the pork belly until the core temperature reaches 92°C or 198°F.
  7. Prepare PitmasterX’s Sweet Apple BBQ Sauce according to the recipe. For an extra kick, add chili flakes and honey whiskey to the sauce.
  8. Remove the pork belly from the smoker once it reaches the desired core temperature.
  9. Slice the pork belly into one-finger-thick steaks.
  10. Lay the steaks flat in a tray. Sprinkle some of the leftover BBQ rub on the steaks.
  11. Generously brush on a thick layer of Sweet Apple BBQ sauce on top.
  12. Set your BBQ to a roasting temperature of 250°C or 480°F to caramelize the BBQ sauce. 

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