Millionaire Bacon Burger

Millionaire Bacon Burger

Find out the secret to the best tasting burger ever – the Millionaire Bacon Burger! With a double grind meat and the special PitmasterX technique, this burger is a flavour explosion in your mouth. Trust me, you won't want to miss this one!

Let me show you what this recipe is all about.

You can find the full instructional video at the end of this page.


  • 200 grams / 7oz. thick bacon strips

  • 2 tbsp PitmasterX classic BBQ rub
  • 1 tbsp cane sugar

  • 1,5 kg / 3.3 lbs Chuck steak

  • Salt to taste

  • pepper to taste

  • 100 grams / 3.5 oz young Gouda cheese

  • Lettuce leaves

  • 2 tomatoes

  • 1 white onion

  • burger sauce
  • 4 hamburger buns


Thanks to Napoleon Grills for sponsoring this recipe Visit their website to learn more.

How to

  1. Take thick slices of bacon and sprinkle them generously with PitmasterX Classic Rub. Sprinkle brown sugar over the seasoned bacon slices.
  2. Cut chuck steak into chunks and grind using a meat grinder. Grind the meat twice for a tender texture.
  3. Form ground meat into burger patties using a burger press.
  4. Preheat a cast iron griddle plate or a grill. Grill the burger patties until they develop a nice brown crust on both sides. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Place a slice of cheese on top of each patty and let it melt.
  5. Split the buns in half. Layer lettuce leaves and sliced tomatoes on the bottom half of each bun. Place a burger patty on top of the tomatoes. Add a layer of your favorite burger sauce over the patty. Add another burger patty on top of the sauce. Place a slice of prepared bacon on each double patty stack. Top with slices of raw onion. Drizzle some more sauce over the onions. Finally, cover the burgers with the top half of the bun.
  6. Serve immediately while hot and enjoy your Millionaire Bacon Burger!

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