Smash Wrap

Smash Wrap

It's the best of both worlds! this viral recipe became a TikTok sensation 2023 and for a good reason. This brings the classic smashed burger together with the almighty tortilla wrap in the perfect quick BBQ lunch snack.


  • 100 grams / 3.5 oz ground beef

  • 1 tbsp Big Mac Sauce
  • 1 tbsp plant based oil

  • 1 small tortilla

  • ½ tsp finishing salt

  • 15 grams / ½ oz sliced cheese

  • 5 grams / 0.2 oz sliced lettuce


Thanks to Napoleon Grills for sponsoring this recipe Visit their website to learn more.

How to

  1. Shape 100 grams or 3.5 oz ground beef in to a ball.
  2. Make the Big Mac Sauce according to it's recipe.
  3. Fire up your grill and heat up a griddle plate.
  4. Season your hot griddle with ½ tbsp of plant based oil..
  5. Smash the ball of ground beef with a burger press and a sheet of baking paper in between.
  6. Make sure your patty has roughly the same size as your small tortilla's.
  7. Let it develop a crust, flip it and season with ½ tsp of finishing salt.
  8. Add another ½ tbsp of plant based oil on a different spot on your griddle and toast a small tortilla.
  9. Layer with 15 grams or ½ oz of sliced cheese.
  10. Put the burger patty on top of the tortilla and cover with 1 tbsp of Big Mac Sauce.
  11. Layer with 1 tbsp worth of lettuce and fold your tortilla.
  12. Press the tortilla with the burger press against the griddle on both sides and your Smash Wrap is ready!

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