Butterflied Pork

Butterflied Pork

This grilled pork leg recipe is easy to prepare and makes a perfect centerpiece for any outdoor gathering or dinner party. With a few simple ingredients and some basic grilling techniques, you can create a mouthwatering dish that will impress your guests and have them coming back for seconds. So dust off your grill and get ready to savor the taste of perfectly grilled butterflied pork leg!

Let me show you what this recipe is all about.

You can find the full instructional video at the end of this page.


  • 1 kg / 2.2 lbs pork leg

  • 2 red onions

  • 5 cloves of garlic

  • 1 red bell pepper

  • 3 bay leaves

  • 10 cloves

  • 1/2 fresh lime


  • 15 red chili peppers

  • 2 red bell peppers

  • 1 white onion

  • 2 cloves of garlic

  • 2 tsp finishing salt

  • 1 tsp ground black pepper

  • 4 tbsp olive oil


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How to

  1. With a boning knife, take off the pork skin around the pork leg.
  2. Cut trough the middle of the leg until you reach the bone and run your knife along the bone. Separate the meat from the bone.
  3. Score the meat to create even more surface. Don't worry about holes.
  4. Slice up 2 red onions, 5 cloves of garlic and 2 red bell peppers.
  5. Crush 3 bay leaves and cloves in your mortar and pestle and add the vegetables and garlic to mush it fine into a smooth marinade.
  6. Add the marinade to your pork meat and spread it out evenly. Let it marinade for 10 minutes.
  7. Fire up your BBQ. and set it for medium direct heat and a cooler more indirect heat on the side.
  8. Let your pork meat grill above direct heat and make sure you hear a slight sizzle.
  9. Keep flipping it while building up crust over direct heat until you have enough crust.
  10. Let it slowly come up to temperature on the cooler side until you reach a temperature of around 65°C/150°F and a good dark charred crust.
  11. Wrap it in some aluminium foil with the juice of ½ lime on top. Let it rest for 10 minutes.


  1. While the Pork is resting, char 15 whole red chili peppers, whole 2 red bell peppers,
  2. Take them off the grill and slice all the vegetables in half ,take out the stems and put them in a blender.
  3. Quarter 1 white onion and out it in the blender as well along with 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tsp finishing salt and 1 tsp black pepper.
  4. Grind it down until you have a beautiful vibrant BBQ Sauce.
  5. Heat up a pan with 4 tbsp of olive oil.
  6. Fry the sauce in a hot pan and let it reduce for around 5 minutes. Now your sauce is ready.
  7. Slice up the pork into thin strips and serve with some sauce on top.

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