What is the best pepper on a steak?

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What is the best pepper on a steak?

I started a mission to find the best pepper you could put on a steak. And I thought it was an easy task, but I’ve seen a lot of peppers on the internet.

I tried 20 of the most popular peppercorns and grilled a fantastic Wagyu entrecote. I figured out what the best pepper is to put on a steak.


Banasura highland pepper

This is a very mild pepper with a bit of hint of heat at the end.

Kampot pepper red

Still not a lot of taste, but it’s got a bit of heat.

Black Tellicherry pepper

This one got a bit of a berry flavour. But in the end not very special.

Szechuan pepper

I like the Szechuan dishes. The peppercorns alone have loads of flavour and a bit of tea-like bitterness. I tasted a bit off mint in the back. Not great for steak.

Grains of Paradise

It has a lot of taste that dissolves fast. It has a warm, dark taste like coffee that enhances the steak. This one is really nice. But not fantastic.

Whisky pepper

I was very excited about this one, but it’s not as good as it smells. It’s got a hint of whisky, and that’s it.

Ma Khaen pepper

It looks like an anis star. The taste comes in waves, It’s better than the Szechuan pepper without the mint. Very nice, but not on a steak.

Timut pepper

It has a liquorice acid flavour that I don’t like.

Voatsiperifery pepper

This tasted like roasted tomatoes. It’s an exciting pepper that I like on a steak. But to distinct to recommend.

Tasmanian pepper

It has a dark coffee kind of vibe. It just doesn’t taste like pepper. It’s not as sharp as the name suggests.

ChiloƩ pepper

This is a pepper that tastes more like chilli flakes.

Black pepper Malabar

This could have been any black pepper, and it probably is. Nothing wrong with this.

Andaman pepper

It looks and smells like flowers. Very strange and not for a steak or anything, in my opinion.

Black Sarawak pepper

This is an excellent black pepper. It’s very flavourful and a little zing that I love about black pepper. This is the one to buy if you want just a good black pepper.

White pepper Muntok

This is a standard white pepper and not very special.

Our top five peppercorns for a steak

Black Kampot pepper

This has a very distinct black pepper taste. It actually tasted more like black pepper than black pepper, if that makes sense.

Black pepper Lampong

With the Black Kampot pepper, it has a shared fourth place. This is just an excellent black pepper.

Selim pepper

The pepper has a pod-like shape with peppercorns inside. It looks weird. It smells funny, but it tastes great.

Grains of peace

It looks great, and it smells incredible. It tastes like cheese and is gone within a few seconds. You keep eating this one. It has the same effect as MSG. It makes the steak taste better, and that’s good, but it’s not the first pepper I would pick for my steak. That is the following pepper.

Smoked white Penja pepper

Right at the start, this one smelled the worst but tasted very good. It tasted more like black pepper than white pepper. This one can beat any white pepper, and with a second taste, it tasted a lot better than most of the black peppers we tried. It’s that good. This is the pepper I am going to use in the future for my personal cooks.

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