Wagyu tomahawk steak on the Big Joe

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Wagyu tomahawk steak on the Big Joe

Morrison, when left alone, still likes to get fed. He found a Wagyu tomahawk with a BMS of 9 in the fridge to feed Jim and him. He couldn’t have made a better choice.

Although it is a very expensive steak, Wagyu beef is also very forgiving and easy to grill. A large amount of intramuscular fat protects the steak during the cook and ensures that the meat remains tender and juicy. Even if you let the temperature rise too high during preparation.


  • Wagyu tomahawk
  • Sea salt

How to

  1. We light a small amount of charcoal and set up the big joe for an indirect heat of around 120°C (248F) with some smoke wood. We used some beech.
  2. The only thing you really need, besides a large enough kamado, is a good digital thermometer. Preferably one without any wires that you can follow from your phone. That gives you a lot of confidence when there is a $300 steak on the grill.
    Stick the thermometer in the side. Place the steak on the grates and close the lid.
  3. Wait for the meat to reach a core temperature of 52°C (126F), and then you take it out of the kamado.
  4. Now you remove the plate setters and open up the bottom valve and the top vent. Place the grill grates in the lowest position and wait for the temperature to rise.
  5. Sear the steak on all sides and keep an eye on it because of the flare-ups. Wagyu beef has a lot of fat that melts on the charcoal.
  6. When we have a nice crust, we take the tomahawk steak off the grates and cut the meat off the bone. You don’t have to let it rest because it has got plenty of rest in between the smoking and searing.
  7. Cut the meat in thin slices against the grain and season it with sea salt. There’s nothing more to it. And even if you didn’t keep your temperature of the grill constant throughout the cook or overshot the core temperature by a few degrees, this tomahawk is still perfect.

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