Tomahawk steak with garlic bone marrow sauce

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Tomahawk steak with garlic bone marrow sauce

I discovered that you could buy a roll of seasoned bone marrow. Immediately I got some ideas to use it, including this fantastic garlic sauce. What better way to try this sauce than on a thick tomahawk steak.


  • Steak
  • 50 gr of butter
  • 3 tbs Flour
  • 1 bulb fresh garlic
  • 300 ml Beef stock
  • 50 gr Bone marrow
  • 1 tablespoon Green peppercorns

How to

  1. Slice the complete bulb of garlic. Put up a pan and melt some butter. Put in the sliced garlic bulb and let it brown.
  2. Season it with some salt. Take it all out of the pan and set aside. Clean the pan for the next step.
  3. Melt another knob of butter and add the flour to make a roux. Mix it all up and let it brown before you add the beef fond. Stir it until you have a nice golden sauce.
  4. Slice up the bone marrow and ad it to the sauce. Let it melt and then put in the green peppercorns. Put the fried garlic back in the pan and stir it good.
  5. Grill up the steak to your liking and serve it with the bone marrow garlic sauce.

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