This is why you must have the pump pressure sprayer


This is why you must have the pump pressure sprayer

Sometimes there are accessories that you really must-have. They make barbecue more fun and the taste of the meat better. This also applies to the pump pressure sprayer.


What’s so useful about it?

With the pump pressure sprayer, you can keep your tasty meat moist so that it does not dry out. And you can add flavour. Make an extract of your barbecue rub and start spraying. In this video, I explain how it works.

In addition, you can develop the perfect crust with the spray. After all, you don’t want to touch the meat with a brush and damage the crust.

What should you pay attention to?

Make sure you buy an adjustable sprinkler. Then you can adjust the nozzle to switch between spray or mist. The spray cap is best made of copper or brass. That ensures that it lasts longer.

In addition, the spray bottle must have a rubber band in the nozzle; this ensures that it doesn’t leak. A high-pressure spray bottle will mostly keep pressure for a longer time and create a more fine mist. I use one myself that gives up to 3 bar working pressure.

Finally, an automatic spray is recommended. As a result, it will automatically continue to spray. This ensures an even and fine water mist, and then you can use it with one hand.

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