The two best less expensive alternative steaks

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The two best less expensive alternative steaks

The prices of meat are going up. You pay more and more every day for a good steak. But what are you willing to pay for such a steak?

Maybe it’s time to consider cheaper cuts just as tasty or tastier than the usual expensive steaks. I’ve cooked two of my favourite affordable steaks, as an example.

I’ve chosen two steaks that you probably never heard of but are really fantastic, and maybe you like them even better than the textbook steaks like ribeye or sirloin.

The hanging tender

First, I’ve got the hanging tender. It’s certainly isn’t the most beautiful of the two. But it’s a really tender steak, just like the name tells you.

Hanging tender has the same structure as flank or skirt steak. It has thick strains of muscles that create really tender meat when you cut it the right way ad the end.

This steak has a few loose bits and a tendon in between. This tendon is the connective tissue that holds two muscle groups together. You can’t eat this tendon because it is just too tough. We have to cut it out.

First, you run your knife along the tendon all the way down. Then you’ve got one steak. Now cut the tendon of the other part of the hanging tender and slice of the silverskin. Now you’ve got two beautiful steaks ready for the grill.

The petit tender

The second steak I want to introduce is the petit tender. In the Netherlands, we call this the diamond steak because of the shape. It looks a lot better than the hanging tender at the start. The preparation of the petit tender is more straightforward. You only have to take off the silverskin.

Then you have a tenderloin kind of steak with a tapered end. At the thicker end of the steak, you may have a piece of fatter meat. I leave that on and consider it a present. When you love steak, you’ve got to appreciate a bit of fat.

Cooking affordable steaks

Both of these steaks need to be cooked with a reversed sear. I showed this technique a couple of days ago. Better check it out to learn this handy skill. Basically, you prepare a grill with 2 zones and a temperature of about 140°C (284F). Then you put the steak over the indirect side and close the lid. Flip the steak halfway to get even cooking.

You have to cook the steak to a core temperature of 52°C (126F). Make sure you use a thermometer to get the temperature right. After reaching the desired core temperature, you take it off the grill to rest.

All you have to do now is get the temperature in the grill to rise and get the grill grates piping hot. Pat the steaks dry with some paper towels before you start searing. Otherwise, you have to use a lot of energy to steam off this moisture before it starts building a crust with the risk of overheating the steak.

Slicing an affordable steak

After searing, all you have to do is cut the steak against the grain to get it the most tender. Bij slicing it like this, you shorten the strains of muscle so you can chew it more easily. The thinner you slice it, the more tender your steak will be.

Now you can enjoy your affordable steak like it was meant to be.


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