Terms of use

Article 1 – Pitmasterx.com services

  1. Pitmasterx.com provides a platform on the Websites on which information about cooking is provided.
  2. Pitmasterx.com is not liable for acts or omissions of other users, including the information they provide on their Websites. Pitmasterx.com, therefore, does not give any guarantees with regard to the content made available by external parties.

Article 2 – Intellectual Property

  1. All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, with regard to (the information on) the Website and the documentation produced by Pitmasterx.com thereon, rest with Pitmasterx.com or suppliers.
  2. Nothing in these terms of use and/or on the Website is intended to transfer any intellectual property rights and/or to grant you intellectual property rights. The use you may make of the Website is limited to what is described in these terms of use and on the Website.

Article 3 – Use of the Website

  1. You are not permitted to change, edit, copy or distribute one or more portion(s) of the Website without the permission of Pitmasterx.com, including but not limited to data, the underlying technology, and functionality of the website and the security measures taken by Pitmasterx.com.
  2. If you want to offer users of your own website the opportunity to play video material from Pitmasterx.com and/or other users of the Website, this may only be done on your own, non-commercial website, and only using the functionality offered by Pitmasterx.com or YouTube. The video material may not be used and/or distributed in any other way, and no third parties may be allowed to use the video material other than for real-time viewing within the functionality offered by Pitmasterx.com or YouTube.
  3. Pitmasterx.com reserves the right to exclude a user from any further use of the Website with immediate effect if he acts in any way in violation of these terms of use, any provision of Dutch law or the netiquette that must be observed on the internet to be taken, without prejudice to our right to take further legal action and to claim compensation.

Article 4 – Liability / Indemnity

  1. The utmost care is taken in the composition and content of this Website. However, Pitmasterx.com does not accept any liability for the correctness and completeness of this. Under no circumstances can rights of any kind be derived from the content of the Website.
  2. Pitmasterx.com reserves the right to improve or otherwise change the information on the Website and/or the form and nature of the services it offers via the Website at any time.
  3. Pitmasterx.com hereby excludes any liability for any damage whatsoever, direct and/or indirect, in any way caused by and/or resulting from the content placed on the Website by Pitmasterx.com.
  4. Pitmasterx.com will in no way be liable for any damage whatsoever that arises in any way by and/or ensues from the impossibility of using the Website or from the fact that certain information on the Website is incorrect, incomplete or not current.
  5. You fully indemnify Pitmasterx.com against all possible claims from yourself and third parties in any way arising from and/or related to your use of the Website.

Article 5 – General

  1. These terms of use can be modified at any time. Pitmasterx.com therefore recommends that you review the terms of use regularly.
  2. If one or more provisions from these terms of use are void or are destroyed, the other provisions remain in full force. The parties will establish new ones to replace the invalid/unenforceable provisions, thereby giving shape as much as possible to the intent of the original provision(s).
  3. Dutch law applies to all disputes arising from the use of the Website.
    All disputes arising from the use of the Website will only be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam, except to the extent that any mandatory legal provision precludes this.