South American Style beef ribs

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South American Style beef ribs

The South American way of barbecue is very different than the North American way. They take the best meat, mostly beef, and hang or lay it above a bed of hot coals.

It’s low and slow with direct heat. I am going to recreate this style of barbecue on my Big Joe with the biggest beef ribs I could find.


  • Beef ribs
  • salt and pepper

How to

  1. Take the beef ribs and sprinkle on a bit of salt and pepper. That’s all it needs. Just make sure you reach all sides.
  2. I am going to fire up the Big Joe with a thin layer of lump charcoal and wait till they are glowing embers. This way you have low heat and enough distance between the heat and the meat.
  3. Place the beef ribs on the grid and just let them sit. The beef is ready when the meat reaches your desired core temperature. Do you like your beef medium rare? No problem. Do you like them fall of the bone? Just leave them on longer. You only have to flip them halfway through to cook them evenly.
  4. Now all you have to do is grill up some veggies, and you’ve got a meal. Just see the video for some ideas.

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