Smoked Beef Belly

Brisket is pretty much the pinnacle of BBQ. Not just because it’s delicious but because it used to be the cheapest cut you could get from a cow and that’s what BBQ is all about. But in today’s society brisket has become so popular along with BBQ that it defies the purpose of BBQ in the first place.
In this recipe I show you what I sourced and used to replace those cuts of brisket that get more expensive every year. My solution for an expensive brisket is Beef Belly. It’s fatty and tough but with the right technique this cut of beef can be amazing.

Prep Time 8 hrs
Resting Time 10 hrs
Servings 10


  • 4000 grams beef belly
  • PitmasterX’s Explosive Beef Rub

Beefbelly Taco

  • corn tortilla
  • pickled onions
  • fresh cilantro
  • sriracha mayo


  • This piece of beef belly is actually really forgiving but you do need to know that you need flavour and time.
  • The first thing i'm doing is creating a batch of my own PitmasterX’s Explosive Beef Rub and cover the entire beef belly with half of your batch of seasoning.
  • Fire up the pelletsmoker and set it for a temperature of 140 degrees celsius. This is higher than i would normally smoke at but this is due to all that fat that i want to render down.
  • Place a filter in your coffee machine and put the rest of your rub in the filter instead of you ussual ground coffee.
  • Let it filter out and put the filtered seasoning in your spray bottle.
  • Spray you beefbelly around 4 times spread out over a couple of hours to keep the bark from drying out.
  • In around 4 to 6 hours and when you have reached a core temperature of 92 degrees celcius it's time to take it off and wrap it in aluminium foil along with more of that BBQ spray.
  • Put it in an oven tray and let it rest for around 10 hours in your oven at around 64 degrees celcius.
  • Open it up and slice into your beautifull beef belly.

Beefbelly Taco

  • Offcourse you can turn this thing in anything you like but to show you some options i highly suggest that your bake some small tortilla's. Put some fine chopped beef belly meat on top and finish with some pickled onion, some sriracha mayonaise and some cilantro on top. Absolute winner!


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