Smoke Seared Pork Loin

smoke seared porkloin

This smoke sear technique is going to change the way you think about pork. In the Netherlands a lot of people don’t know the absolute potential of pork and that;s a big shame. Pork steaks are such forgiving flavorful BBQ steaks that can blow you away with it’s fatty, juicy and tasty powers.
These BBQ smoke seared pork loin steaks are the next big thing in your own backyard cuisine.

Prep Time 2 hrs 10 mins
Cook Time 50 mins
Searing Time 5 mins
Course Classic BBQ, Pork
Cuisine American Barbecue, smoked
Servings 6


  • 1800 grams Pork loin ( fat cap on )
  • 250 grams Lane's Sweet Heat



  • The first thing that you want to do with this recipe if you have the fatcap still on is scoring it with a boning knife. This is the only way our seasoningen is penetrating the meat from the fat side.
  • After this we are basicly doing a dry-brine. This means that you want to use a salty BBQ rub. I'm using a couple of tablespoons of Lane's Sweet Heat that goes excellent with pork.
  • Cover the entire fatcap and do the rest as well. You want to cover it heavily.

BBQ setup

  • I'm going to fire up the Big Joe and stabilize the charcoal at 180 degrees celcius. Bank the charcoal to one side.
  • When the charcoal is lit i'm adding a big chunk of local smoke woodon top. In my case in the Netherlands that's beech wood.
  • Place the heat deflector at the position without the charcoal.
  • I'm placing a grill grate at the lowest setting of the divide and conquer system above the fire and one at the highest position on the indirect heat zone.

Grilling the loin

  • Place the loin with the fat cap side towards the heat on the indirect zone and close the lit.
  • Place a meater thermometer inside the loin.
  • Leave it for 25 minutes and flip the loin. If your loin is half the size then cook it for 15 minutes and see where you are at.
  • Put a little more seasoning on top of the fatcap and close the dome to let it roast for another 25 minutes.
  • Our loin is now at around 55 to 60 degrees celcius and i'm going to leave it to rest.

Final smoke sear

  • Slice the loin into 3-4 fingers thick steaks like your grandma would slice them and season them wheavily on the sliced open area's. Everything needs to be covered up like the water gate scandal if you catch my drift.
  • Place your steaks on the lowest position and let them catch fire. The fat is dripping into the hot charcoal casuing flare ups. This is exactly what you want from this technique. Its caremalisation caused by smoke from the fat dripping on the charcoal.
  • After around 1-2 minutes on each side and they starting to look black around the edges and are getting black sear markes it's the right time to take them out and cut into these beautifull smoke seared pork loin steaks.


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