Schichten Braten or lasagna style roast

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Schichten Braten or lasagna style roast

My friend Jörn from BBQ aus Rheinhessen made some pretty fantastic recipes the last couple of years. But recently he made this lasagna style roast that was genius.

He took an Ikea pan lid holder and made schichten braten. Layered meat with cheese and onions that looked fantastic. I had to try it.

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  • 1 kilo of pork neck
  • 4 pork sausages
  • Your favourite bbq rub
  • 2 red bell peppers
  • 2 onions
  • 14 slices of Gouda cheese

How to

  1. If you can’t find the Ikea pan lid holder, you have to make a basket. I made mine out of a piece of steel fence. See the video how I made mine.
  2. Slice the pork neck in 1 cm slices and season them front and back with the bbq rub.
  3. Take the jacket of the sausages and slice the bell peppers and onions in rings.
  4. Put a single layer of pork slices in the basket. Top them with a few bell pepper and onion rings. Fill the empty spaces with a bit of sausage stuffing and close it of with some cheese. Repeat until you have nothing left.
  5. Start your smoker on a temperature of 150°C (302F) and put the basket in. Cook the pork to a core temperature of 65°C (149F).
  6. Take the schichten braten out of the smoker and let it rest for 10 minutes. This way, the cheese won’t be too soft to slice.
  7. Slice the meat in portions and divide between your guests. It’s impossible to eat this with some kind of dignity, so don’t even try.

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