Carolina Honey Chili Oil

Carolina Honey Chili Oil

Introducing a chili oil crafted with the world's second-hottest pepper. This oil is a delectable yet daring condiment that can elevate your chicken to BBQ food paradise. The combination of fiery, flavorful ingredients will make your dish burst with flavor, and the honey ensures the oil clings perfectly to the meat.

Let me show you what this recipe is all about.

You can find the full instructional video at the end of this page.



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How to

  1. slice fine 3 whole Carolina reapers (or a substitute pepper) and put it in a cast iron skillet.
  2. Add 3 whole cloves of fresh garlic, 2 bay leaves, 1 stick of cinnamon, 2 star anise and 5 cloves to a 
  3. Let your another pan come up to temperature with 250 ml or 1 cup of peanut oil.
  4. Let the temperature rise to a frying temperature of 180°C or 365°F.
  5. Switch out the pan with the other pan with the ingredients in the pan and carefully pour the oil in the pan with the ingredients.
  6. Let the spices fry for around 3 minutes and pour it in a glass jar that can withstand the heat.
  7. Add 1 tbsp of PitmasterX's Chicken BBQ Rub and 2 tbsp of honey.
  8. Mix it up and store it until usage.

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