Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500

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Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500

Napoleon has sent me the Phantom Prestige 500 to do an unboxing. I hardly ever do one, but for this grill, I gladly make an exception. There isn’t a grill on the market as the Phantom Prestige.

And that’s not just because I love to use Napoleon grills. Let me tell you why I really love this particular grill.

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The Quality I am used to

The grill has all the great features the original prestige 500 has but with a mat black finish. It has everything you’d expect for a top model gas grill. 4 high power gas burners, 2 side burners, the sizzle zone and a rear infrared burner.

It has a cast aluminium base that retains the heat and gives this grill much more power. This way, you can get charcoal-like heat. And if you really prefer charcoal as your fuel, you can even place an insert in the grill so you can use lump charcoal.

Cast stainless steel grates

The Phantom prestige is delivered with beautiful cast stainless steel grates. They not only look great with the Napoleon wave, but the stainless steel has got a lot of benefits.

They heat up quickly, and that’s especially handy with a gas grill. You have greater protection against rust and corrosion. Stainless steel desires low maintenance and lasts a lifetime.

The warming rack is huge and has gotten extra functionality because of the different shapes and holes that are punched in. You can hang your chicken wings or place stuffed apples and complete bulbs of garlic without them rolling over.

Jetfire ignition

The Phantom Prestige comes with the Jetfire ignition that assures a quick start up. 

The burners are lighted from the site with a large flame, so each burner gets lit without a problem.

Never accidentally leave the gas on

The lighted control knobs not only makes this grill looks like a spaceship, but they also serve a purpose.

You see the knobs when it’s dark outside, and you can tell from a distance which burners are on because the lights turn red when the burners are on.

Limited number of Phantom Prestige 500 grills

The Phantom Prestige 500 is a limited version for 2021. You are very lucky if you can get one. Otherwise, you have to wait until next year to buy one.

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