Meater wireless thermometer
This thermometer is packed with features

I love new BBQ gear

Meater asked me to take a closer look at their wireless thermometers. I said, “Sure, no problem, its always fun to try something BBQ related.”

So they send me the Meater Plus with BlueTooth and WiFi via Meater link. And the Meater Block with 4 probes and built-in WiFi.

Now here we are cooking up a storm like we always do. I smoked some pulled beef and prepared some giants roasts and grilled a couple of steaks. This is what I discovered.

High tech and good design can go together

Let’s start by saying that I love tech, and this is clearly tech, even if you pack it in a bamboo box. The design looks really good and is definitely the best I have ever seen. The functionality of the design is also outstanding. Everything is accessible very quickly and can be operated with a single touch.

Besides a beautiful design, I am also a big believer in the principle that tech should help you achieve your goal and not become the goal itself. So what does the MEATER do for you besides looking good next to your big roast?

Core and ambient temperature reading in one probe

The feature that it is primarily designed to do is give you a temperature reading, which it does. It doesn’t stop there; it also tells you the ambient temperature without requiring an extra probe. That is really cool because I never realized I needed that. It saves me the trouble of putting an additional probe in the barbecue to measure the dome temperature.

My favorite feature that I did not know I needed was the app telling how long it will take for the food to be cooked. Now that I have this feature, I am hooked on it. I just keep looking at it.

You need WiFi to get all the features

Personally, I love the Meater Block with the four probes because it allows you to measure big roasts in different areas.

But to have all the features of the thermometer available to me, I needed to connect it to my WiFi. Which was not that great in my BBQ cave. So I needed to extend the range of my WiFi, and I did that with the Orbi outdoor WiFi extender.

I have been using the thermometer for a couple of weeks now, and I can definitely recommend it, especially in combination with WiFi.

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