Japanese steak and egg breakfast

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Japanese steak and egg breakfast

Every backyard griller needs a hearty breakfast. A meal that keeps you going when you are busy cooking your dinner all day long.

I am making steak and eggs Japanese style just because I can and because I think you deserve it.

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  • 400 grams of wagyu ribeye or strip steak
  • 3 eggs
  • a leek
  • 3 medium-sized carrots
  • 300 grams of thin slized ham
  • 3 tbsp of vegetable oil
  • 400 grams of white rice
  • a pinch of ve-tsin or msg
  • sea salt

How to

  1. Cut the leek, carrots and ham into same-sized chunks and stir fry them in a hot pan with a little vegetable oil. Just when they are turning soft you take the pan off the heat.
  2. Cook the rice as it says on the package and add it to the fried veggies. Sprinkle on a little ve-tsin and stir it well. Keep it warm over low heat.
  3. Start up your grill for direct high heat. Put a cast-iron skillet on the grates and let it come up to temperature.
  4. Put the wagyu steak in the pan and grill it until it has a nice crust. Flip it and do the same with the other side. Grill it to a core temperature off 52°C (126F). Sprinkle on a little sea salt end let it rest.
  5. While the steak rest you crack the eggs and beat them until they are fluffy. Fry the eggs in the leftover wagyu fat.
  6. Put the fried egg on a plate and add the fried rice. Cut the steak into thin slices and place it next to the rice.

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