I solved the problem of the tomahawk steak

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I solved the problem of the tomahawk steak

No steak is better to impress your guests than the tomahawk steak. But I cooked a lot off tomahawk steaks, and they all looked fantastic, but most of them never gave me the satisfaction I searched for.

Overall the taste was great, but they were all chewy. That’s a shame for such an expensive piece of meat. I did some thinking and I solved the problem of the tomahawk steak.

The reason that a tomahawk is chewy at the end is that they are just too thick. A good steak is two fingers thick. Most tomahawk steaks are four.

And because the muscles run perpendicular to the bone, you always cut the meat with the grain instead of against it. This way, you end up with long strains of muscle that you have to bite through. The result is tough meat. That’s the problem. Now we solve it.

Let’s start with a good quality tomahawk steak. Just find the best one you can afford with a lot of intramuscular fat. Then fire up your grill to cook low and slow with a temperature of around 120°C (248F). Place the steak and let them cook to a core temperature of 52°C (125F).

Take the steak off the grill and boost up the temperature so you can sear the meat and build up a crust.

Because of the fat that drips of the meat, you get some flare-ups. Just be careful you don’t burn the outside. Some grill marks are perfectly fine.

After searing, you let the steak rest. During the cook, all the moisture in the meat is pushed to the outside. By resting the meat, the moisture is redistributed back through the meat, so it doesn’t dry out with the first cut.

This is also the moment I season the steak with sea salt instead of before. I use Maldon pyramid salt as a finishing salt. This way, you get a boosted beef flavor, and it tastes better.

After resting the meat for at least 10 to 15 minutes, I cut the meat of the bone.

Then I slice it in half. This way, you make the individual muscle strains less long, so it becomes more tender to chew. This is my solution.

If you like the spectacle of a big tomahawk steak on your grill, please buy one. But just accept smaller pieces of meat by cutting it in half before presenting it to your guests for a better experience.

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