I can’t stop eating the Dollie sauces


I can’t stop eating the Dollie sauces

I’m a real fan of the Dollie sauces. And not just me, my kids too. If the Original Garlic Chili sauce runs out, I am kindly requested to get new ones as soon as possible.

There are different variants of the Dollie sauce, but you really should try these three.


Original – Garlic Chili

Perhaps the most accessible sauce of the entire Dollie range. A sweet everyone’s friend on a mayonnaise basis with garlic and chili. This sauce really goes with everything! From fish and shellfish to all kinds of meat, vegetables, and a dip for tortillas, fries and chips.

In this video, I try out the Dollie sauces with Jeffrey.

Nappi Smokey Whiskey

The Canadian BBQ sauce with a hint of smoke and whiskey. A sauce in collaboration with Napoleon Grills. This BBQ sauce is ideal for coating various fish and meat dishes on the BBQ.

A salmon side gets a delicious caramelization combined with this sauce, but dishes such as Moinkballs, drumsticks, chicken thighs and spare ribs are also extremely suitable for this! I can’t live without it when I make burritos.

Dutch Style Mayo

And then the newest addition, the Dutch style mayonnaise. Very tasty with fries! As a real Dutchman, I say: ‘what can’t you use mayo for!’ Whether you use it for the mayonnaise steak or something else. You are sure to have fun.

And it also looks very nice in the iconic Dutch bottle. I’ve tested many mayonnaises in these videos, but I can’t wait to use this mayonnaise in my videos.

So you really should try one of these Dollie Sauces: You can buy it in Germany here and in the Netherlands here.

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