I bought myself two dry-age cabinets

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I bought myself two dry-age cabinets

I bought the most extravagant tool you can buy as a YouTube barbecueër. And I got two of them. These dry-age cabinets are the start of a lot of meat projects I want to show you. So basically, I’m doing this all for you.

I was dreaming of this for so long, and now I have them in my studio, I can’t wait to load them up and develop the most delicious meat I can.


I was very excited when I ordered them, and guess how I felt when the boxes came in. All the components are stainless steel and very heavy. The dry ager cabinets are the absolute best. And they are built like only the German can. You can fill them up to 100 kilograms per cabinet.

These are the dry-age cabinets that you want in your restaurant not only because they look fantastic with the stainless steel and the lights that show the meat inside. But because these are the Rolls Royces of dry age cabinets.

The cabinets will live in my inside studio, where I want to create my own meat shop. And it seems a bit crazy to buy these, but I wanted to use more dry-aged meat in my videos and show you how to do this. And I tried the dry-ageing bags that work really well, but I wanted to go big with bigger cuts of beef.

And I can get these cuts from my butcher if I want, but I’ve got so many ideas for dry-aging stuff that it seemed a better idea to get a dry-age cabinet myself. And I wanted to try and dry-age other stuff like pork, duck, cheeses and chicken. It got racks and hooks to load it up with anything you want.

You have to learn how the cabinets work, just like you would with a new barbecue. The cabinets regulate their own temperature and humidity, and that’s important to get the perfect environment for the meat. I already got some pork and beef in them, and I can’t wait to show you more.

All the dry-aged meat is going to be shown on my main channel. But if you want to see and learn more about my dry-aging adventures, you’ve got to follow my vlog.

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