How to smoke a perfect cowboy rib roast

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How to smoke a perfect cowboy rib roast

There is nothing prettier on the dinner table than a big roast. A roast that not only looks fantastic but tastes the same.

You want to have a beautiful looking roast on the dinner table on Thanksgiving or any other holiday. I am going to show you how you smoke a massive rib roast to perfection.

How to recognize a good quality rib roast

A good quality rib roast, like most cuts of beef, need to be red. The deeper red, the better. Also, you want to see those thin white lines running through the meat. These lines are soft fat that gives this meat its flavour and tenderness. So when you can choose your rib roast. Look for the best rib roast you can afford and take the one that’s the deepest red with the most thin white lines.

How do you prepare a rib roast to smoke

If your butcher didn’t do this already, you have to french the bones. By frenching, I mean cleaning the bones of any silverskin, meat and fat. These are just going to burn and mess up a beautiful roast.

After that you cut away all the silverskin and fat from the meat. We want to build a firm crust that sticks to the meat and doesn’t wash away when the fat melts.

Then you tie up the roast to give the roast some volume, so it cooks more evenly.

Give the rib roast an amazing crust

The rib roast is a very flavourful cut of beef. Other than seasoning it just before serving, there is not much more you have to do to it. But I want to give this roast something special. So to make up for the fact that you can’t give the meat more flavour on the inside, I want to give it a lot of flavour on the outside. I do this by giving it a crust.

Because there is not much surface compared to the inside of the roast, I want to make sure that this crust is thick and full of flavour. That’s why I start by rubbing the meat with a heavy coating of mustard. In this coating, I press finely chopped onions, garlic and parsley. At this point, the rib roast already looks fantastic. To boost the flavours, I finish with a lot of fleur de sell and ground black pepper.

How to smoke a massive rib roast

For these kinds of bone-in roasts, you need a grill with indirect heat. I will smoke it at 120 to 140ºC (248 to 284F) to a core temperature of 54ºC (129F). We put the roast with the bones down and towards the heat. The bones will protect the meat from too much direct heat so it can slowly come up to temperature.

Now you place a thermometer in the side of the roast and close the lid. While the roast smokes at these low temperatures, the connective tissues will break down, and the intermuscular fat will melt. This leaves us with a juicy and tender piece of meat.

Resting the rib roast

When the roast reaches its desired core temperature of 54ºC (129F), I take it out of the grill and let it rest for at least 10 minutes. While it relaxes, all the juices pushed to the outside of the roast redistribute back into the meat.

After resting, you can slice the meat into single steaks and serve them.

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