How to grill meat

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How to grill meat

I am making videos over grilling for a few years now and thought that most of you know how to cook a good steak. But I was perplexed that the most searched barbecue related question on Google is “How to grill meat”.

Since there are no bad questions and I am Pitmaster X, I will give you the basics of grilling. Just a few tips and tricks to get you started

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Grilling begins with an understanding of the Maillard reaction. Louis Camille Maillard figured out what happens to grilled meat when it heats up. It starts a complex series of chemical reactions that occur between reducing sugars and amino acids.

What this means is that in this process the raw and basically tasteless red or white meat turns brown and tasty. This is the reason why we eat meat and where I based my YouTube career on. Thank you, Louis. This is just theory but how do you bring it into practice.

the browning of meat takes place at high heat and a dry environment. That’s the basic of grilling meat. So we first need high heat. Luckily we all have a grill in the backyard that produces that high heat. Put some grates over direct fire and that takes care it. Those grates can be stainless steel or cast-iron like in our Napoleon kettle Pro.

Cast iron retains heat much more than stainless steel. When you let it get up to temperature and you put on the raw meat. Cast-iron grates stay hotter longer than stainless steel so it gives the meat the nice crust that I love. You can also get this effect with a cast-iron skillet.

When the meat hits the grates you hear a nice sizzle. That’s the moisture on the surface of the steak that evaporates. The drier the meat the shorter you hear that sizzle. The Maillard effect only happens when the surface is dry. That’s why I want the steak to be dry on the outside before grilling.

You can let the meat air dry half an hour before you start grilling. You can also do this overnight in the fridge to get it really dry. If you don’t have the patience you can always dry your meat with some paper towel.

Don’t use salt or other seasonings with salt to dry the surface. The salt does draw out moisture from the meat but also dries out the meat. I believe you get a better result if you air-dry your steak. I only use salt afterwards to enhance the flavour of the meat without hiding it.

The only thing you have to know now is the internal temperature of the meat to get the desired result. A good steak is best with an internal temperature of 55°C (131F). Lean pork must be cooked to 65°C (149F) and chicken breast to 70°C (158F). Get yourself a good thermometer to know what’s going on inside your grilled meat.

Like I said. This is just the beginning of this whole adventure. I advice you to start following my channel and in a couple of months you’ll be the expert in grilling.

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