How to grill Cupim Zebu steak

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How to grill Cupim Zebu steak

I found a steak that the Brazilian people kept from us. It’s the Cupim Zebu that comes from the hump off the neck of the Zebu cow.

It’s an incredibly marbled cut of meat that screams low and slow bbq. I cooked it the way Brazilians do and skewered it, and grilled it over direct heat.

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How tot prepare the Cupim Zebu

Slice a cap of the meat so you can see the inside of the Cupim. In the middle, there is a tougher line that I recommend you get rid of.

You do this by cutting the Cupim in half and then trim the meat of all the bigger and harder pieces of fat and silverskin.

When you do this, you end up with beautiful thick steaks.

Skewer the Cupim steaks

The next you have to do is get these steaks on a skewer. You can fit all the steaks on one skewer if the skewer, and your grill, is big enough. Otherwise, you can use different smaller skewers.

Before you grill the steaks, you season them heavily with fleur de sell. Then you start up your grill with medium direct heat so you can slowly grill the steaks.

Keep an eye on the meat to prevent flare-ups that can burn the steaks.

When you see that a crust has formed, you take the skewer off the grill and slice off the outer layer. The rest you can put back on the grill to cook further. This way you cook the Cupim in stages.


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