How to cook the best quality brisket

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How to cook the best quality brisket

There are basically three types of meat. Bad, good, and fantastic quality. I always insist that you use the best quality meat you can afford and that does not need to be expensive. Just never use bad quality meat.

I got my hands on the best quality Wagyu brisket. Just to show you how you cook a fantastic quality brisket and get the best result.

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The difference between bad and good quality meat is the amount of intramuscular fat. That fat acts as insulation during a long cooking time and keeps the meat juicy and tender.

Intramuscular fat are the thin white lines you see in the meat. The more lines the better quality the meat. this Wagyu brisket is probably the very best quality you can find. And I know not everybody can afford a Wagyu brisket but that’s not the point.

You can drive a Volkswagen every day and get where you want to go. But when I get the oppurtunity to drive a Lamborghini Aventador for once in my life I can’t say no. This way I can show you how to cook fantastic quality brisket without ruining it with lots of additives and extra flavors.

  1. Here you can see the thin white lines in between the meat. The amount of Intramuscular fat in this brisket is just insane. Brisket is normally a tough cut of meat but this one wiggles like its already cooked.

  1. Like any brisket I trim it. Get rid of the big chunks of fat and all the loose bits. After that, I square it up. This way i get an uniform size so i get nice slices after the cook. Don’t throw away any of the pieces of fat and meat. You can use this in other recipes.

  1. Fantastic quality meat does not need to be injected with extra moisture or seasoned with lots of flavors. I just salt the meat with a fine but even layer of fleur de sell. Fleur de sell is a light-flavored salt so you don’t have to be afraid to over salt it.

  1. I started my smoker with a temperature of 107°C (225F). This is the temperature that most smokers release the most amount of smoke. Then I place the brisket in the smoker. it’s good to know your smoker and where the hot spots are. A whole packer brisket has a thicker side. This side is also fatter. So you need more heat to cook it evenly with the rest of the brisket. Now you take advantage of that hot spot in your smoker.

  1. I close the lid and wait until the brisket has a nice mahogany smoke color. This can take up to 2 to 3 hours. After that, the brisket does not need more smoke and can be wrapped.

  1. I wrap this salted brisket in aluminum foil. When you rubbed a brisket with herbs and spices you want to create a bark. This bark looses its grip on the meat when it gets to moist. Then it’s better to wrap your brisket in butchers paper. I also don’t add moisture in the package. The fat in this brisket keeps the brisket moist enough.

  1. I kicked up the temperature of the smoker to 140°C (284F) to speed up the cook. Because I diddn’t add any rubs with lots of sugar you can go as high as 180°C (350F). Place the wrapped brisket back in the smoker, close the lid and wait till the meat reaches a core temperature of 93°C (200F).

    When the brisket reached the desired core temperature I checked in a couple of places with my thermapen to make sure and take it out of the smoker. Now comes the hardest part of the cook. You’ve got to let it rest for at least one hour. Put the wrapped brisket in a cooler and wait. This way you can keep the brisket warm up to 4 hours. The longer you can wait the better. The brisket only gets more tender. Also the melted callogen will solidify a bit and provide a sticky layer that ensures a wonderfully tender mouthfeel.

  1. When you unwrap the brisket be careful you don’t burn yourself from the hot liquids inside. These liquids you can use in other recipes so pour it in a cup and cool it down. After a while, the fat separates and can be scooped off. The liquid that you are left with can be used to heat up any leftover brisket.

  1. Now I cut the brisket against the grain in 1 cm thick slices. This is the first time you can see what fantastic quality brisket looks like. All the intramuscular fat has melted and makes the meat very juicy and tender.

  1. When you want to show to your friends or Instagram what tender looks like, you can do the bend test. Hang a slice of brisket in the center over your index finger. If it bends over both sides of your finger without breaking, that’s proof that the meat is incredibly tender.

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