How to butcher a whole beef tenderloin

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How to butcher a whole beef tenderloin

Most of you know the beef tenderloin as a small cut of beef like a filet mignon or ChateauBriand. But the beef tenderloin starts as a larger cut.

I explain how to start with a beef tenderloin and end with all the different cuts.

  1. We start with 2.2 kilos of beef tenderloin from a Simmentaler cow.

  1. Pat the meat dry with a paper towel and then cut off the Muscle-On roast. These are the best parts of the beef tenderloin but not the most visually attractive. You can leave them on so they are part of the ChateauBriand.

  1. Then you cut off all the hard fat parts and the elastin or silverskin and cut the meat where it starts to taper at both sites. These parts are the tail and the ChateauBriand.

  1. You are left with the Filet Mignon that is evenly thick which is usually cut in one inch thick steaks.

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