Grilled pulled pork

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Grilled pulled pork

You’ve been told that the only way to get pulled pork is to smoke it. But what if I told you that you could also grill it and get the same result.

The only thing you need is a grill with a good amount of distance between the glowing charcoal and the meat.


  • 2 kilo’s or more pork neck
  • Yellow mustard

For the dry rub

  • 1 part paprika powder
  • 1 part onion powder
  • 1 part curry powder
  • 1 part salt

For the spray

  • 2 tbsp of dry rub
  • 2 tbsp of raw cane sugar
  • 1 litre of boiling water

How to

  1. Put a layer of mustard on the pork neck. Mix the ingredients for the dry rub and keep at least 2 tablespoons aside for later. Sprinkle an even layer of the dry rub on all sides of the meat.
  2. Fire up your barbecue with a single layer of glowing charcoal on the bottom. Stick a few smoke wood chunks between the glowing embers and put the rubbed pork neck on the grates.
  3. Place a thermometer in the thickest part of the meat and close the lid.
  4. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of the dry rub and 2 tablespoons of sugar in the boiling water. Pour this in a spray bottle.
  5. When the dry rub has set and formed a bark, you can spray the meat every half hour or when the surface looks dry.
  6. Cook and spray the meat until the core temperature reaches 96°C (205F). Check every now and then if the charcoal needs a refill.
  7. When the meat reaches the desired core temperature, wrap it in aluminium foil. Let it rest like this for at least half an hour. If you need more time before you want to eat you put it in a cooler. This way, you can keep it warm for several hours.

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