First look at the Kamado Joe Kettle Joe

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First look at the Kamado Joe Kettle Joe

I do like surprises and certainly when it’s a new grill. And this grill was definitely a surprise. I never saw it coming. Kamado Joe made a kettle grill, and they send me one to take a look at it. And use it, of course.

This will be a quick look at the Kettle Joe, but you will see this brand new grill in use in the coming weeks. But, for the moment, It looks very promising.

When lifting the box, I notice that this grill is going to be heavy. The box weighs a ton. When opening the box, I see that everything is tightly packed. This way you don’t have to worry about damages that can happen on transport. The guide that comes with the grill is in several languages and also in Dutch. I think they did this especially for me.

Setting up the Kettle Joe is very easy to do. I had a little help from Morrison, and in no time, we had it on its legs.

You can immediately feel that it stands very sturdy. I am not afraid to smoke a whole packer brisket on this grill without it caving in.

The Kettle Joe looks like a Kamado Joe, and that is not only because of the colour. The whole design and specifications scream Kamado Joe, and that’s a good thing.

The Kettle Joe has a charcoal basket, an ashtray, aluminium side tables, a top vent and ceramic tiles in the kettle. And that last thing is going to set this grill apart from the rest. These ceramic tiles are going to make this grill cook like a kamado. Ceramic is going to absorb heat so that you can cook at low temperatures with less fuel.

The other thing that is characteristic of Kamado Joe is the Sloroller. Kamado Joe gave us this device on all the 2020 models, and they engineered one for this Kettle Joe. The Sloroller is an hourglass-shaped piece of metal. Due to the shape, the heat and smoke circulate around the meat, so it cooks more evenly.

To put it on the grill, you lift the hinged lid and place it between the kettle and the lid. The Sloroller, in combination with the ceramic tiles, is the missing link between the kettle grill and the kamado. The missing link I never knew we needed.

You can argue about the look off the grill, but there is one thing I don’t like about it. There are huge safety instructions bolded on the outside of the kettle. And it doesn’t fit the roundness of the kettle. Maybe it has to be there for insurance issues, but it’s really ugly.

I looked up the price, and you can get this grill for under €600, which is really not bad. Certainly, if you look at the grilling surface of 56 cm, that’s only 5 cm smaller than the Big Joe. When you want to start with ceramic cooking and can’t afford even the cheapest kamado, this is the solution.

I don’t think this grill is going to compete with other kettle grills. It is a completely different beast but still a Kamado Joe product. I still have to cook on the Kettle Joe, but this grill looks really promising for now. Follow this website and our YouTube Channel for more updates.

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