Broiled ribeye with gorgonzola and beet cream

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Broiled ribeye with gorgonzola and beet cream

Did you know there is a hidden feature in almost all the grills that’s not in the manuals? It’s the top broiler function, and all you need is a cast-iron griddle or skillet.

I found a broiler in my Masterbuilt smoker and show it in the video, but there’s a way you can make a broiler without losing your warranty. All you need is a cast-iron griddle or skillet and a way to place it above the grill grates.


  • a ribeye
  • 200 grs of Gorgonzola
  • 300 grs of cooked beats
  • 500 ml whipped cream

For the dry rub

  • 1 part salt
  • 1 part paprika powder
  • 1 part onion powder

How to

  1. Grind down the beets and mix them with the whipped cream. Set it aside while you grill the steak.
  2. Mix the ingredients for the dry rub and sprinkle a light coating on all sides of the ribeye. Let this sit while you fire up the grill.
  3. Place the griddle or skillet directly above the heat at the lowest position possible.
  4. When the griddle is piping hot, you take it out and replace it with the grill grates.
  5. Put the ribeye on the grates and place the hot cast-iron griddle above the steak. Grill the steak to a core temperature of about 48°C and take it out.
  6. Put the Gorgonzola on top of the steak and place it back between the grates and the griddle. When the Gorgonzola has melted and grilled, the ribeye is ready.
  7. Serve the ribeye on top of the beet cream.

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