The PitmasterX Offset Smoker

The PitmasterX Offset Smoker

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Learn everything you need to know about the PitmasterX Offset Smoker. All the technical specifications, the design features and how to fire up an offset smoker.

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The Dream of Owning an Offset Smoker

My quest for the perfect offset smoker started with a dream. For many like me, the challenge of finding a quality smoker in Europe or dealing with high shipping costs from the USA made it difficult to own a good quality smoker—until now.

Designing the Ultimate Offset Smoker

For years I have been searching for the right offset smoker. When I finally met the right partner that shares my vision on what an offset smoker should look like, I knew it was time to go all in. We designed the PitmasterX smoker to meet the highest possible specification and needs. 

  • Perfect arching airflow to render down the fat cap on to of the brisket.
  • Thick steel walls for generational durability.
  • Perfect temperature control with reliability and precision.
  • Large effective usable smoke grate surface to feed families as well as crowds.
  • Easy to transport for the professional user
  • Easy to store in your garden shed

Key Features of the Custom Offset Smoker

All the above design specifications led the features the offset smoker now has. 

  • Scaled dampers
  • Fire baffle
  • Oversized firebox
  • Water pan holder
  • 8mm thick steel walls
  • Single smoke grates
  • Smoke collector box
  • Extra wide smokestack
  • Foldable Smokestack
  • Foldable and removeable side table
  • Industrial wheels

With these features the PitmasterX Offset Smoker will most likely out perform most of the available offset smokers on the market. 

Cooking with the Offset Smoker

However it is not the features that makes this offset smoker so special. It is the experience of being able to smoke meats to absolute perfection. The meat smoked on this offset smoker can match results of the top BBQ restaurants in the USA. As a extra you can use the flat top griddle located on top of the firebox for the occasional burger while waiting for your brisket to cook.


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Q: What makes an offset smoker different from other types of smokers? A: Offset smokers separate the heat source from the cooking area, allowing for slow cooking and smoke infusion without direct heat.

Q: How do I control the temperature in my offset smoker? A: Control the temperature by managing the fire in the firebox and adjusting the airflow using vents or dampers.

Q: Can I use different types of wood in my offset smoker? A: Yes, you can experiment with various woods to achieve different flavors. Hardwoods like oak or hickory are commonly used for a stronger smoke flavor.


Owning a custom-built offset smoker is not just about cooking; it's about embracing a lifestyle. 

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